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The Millennium Pictures Legends Project!

More than just words…

That was the tagline for this fantastic group of fans who came together to showcase their own fan fictions back in the early 2000’s, mostly based in the Star Trek Universe. I am proud to have been a member of this pioneering and wonderful group of people, who created some of the best Star Trek fan fictions on the web.

These old school series included the brilliant Star Trek: The Final Frontier by Chris Adamek and the awesome Star Trek: Dragon by Jon Wasik. Both of these series have since ended but are both still available online – check them out in the directory!

Sadly, the rest of the series have disappeared offline so I aim to change that with the help of the Internet Archive!

So, over the next few months I am going to be salvaging what I can from the internet archive and my own personal files to restore these series to their former glory! All the restored sites will be hosted here, on Antspad.net and will be identifiable in the directory tagged as a “MP Legend”

Check out the latest progress below:

Ant Howe

Ant Howe

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