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The new home of great fanfiction….

So, after a lot of thinking about what I was going to use my Antspad.net site for, I have finally decided! Rather than just showcase my random bits of work I thought why not use this as a platform to showcase some of the old school star trek fanfictions that have been lost from the net? I used to be part of a fantastic group called Millennium Pictures who brought together some of the best fanfictions on the web at the time. These included the brilliant Star Trek: The Final Frontier by Chris Adamek, Star Trek: Dragon by Jon Wasik, Star Trek: Khitomer by Pete Tzinski and many more….

Most of these are now no longer available on the web and so I aim to bring these series back from the dead and give them a home here, on Antspad.net so that a new generation has the chance to read these fantastic series that paved the way for those that came after it – head over to the Millennium Pictures section to find out more!

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