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Star Trek: Khitomer – The Restoration – Complete!!

That’s right, it’s finished! Overall, I believe that I’ve managed to restore over 95% of the site – there are a couple of crew pages missing and a few images that I needed to take out but everything else is there!

Luckily, I had the pleasure of working with the creator, Pete, when he ran his “Edge of the Universe” site and part that included a lot of Khitomer content so I had some copies in my archives!

All episodes are complete for both seasons one and two (except for those episodes of season two that had yet to be uploaded – I’ll see if I can find copies of these somewhere and get them added!)

So, head on over to the site and enjoy!


What’s next?

Next up is a special project that’s just come my way – I’ll put out an update soon – watch this space!

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