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Series Spotlight – Star Trek: Monet

Star Trek: Monet #007 – “Broken Flesh”

The USS Monet receives a distress call from the USS Xavier whilst en-route to a…

Star Trek: Monet #006 – “From The Depths”

The Monet receives a distress call from the USS Hiroshima and alter course to assist.…

Star Trek: Monet #005 – “Rescue”

Written by Guest Author Matthew Van Gangelen While en-route to investigate possible tampering with a…

Star Trek: Monet #004 – “Jail Break”

The USS Monet and the USS Texas team up to complete a dangerous mission behind…

Star Trek: Monet #003 – “Vortex, Part Two”

Trapped in the Pegasus Galaxy, the crew of the Monet must find a way home,…

Star Trek: Monet #002 – “Vortex, Part One”

A gateway to another Galaxy is found and the Monet finds that an alien race…

Star Trek: Monet #001 – “Maiden Voyage”

The first ever episode of Star Trek: Monet. On her maiden voyage, the USS Monet…

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