Cangothon 2021! Get Involved!

I am very proud to be supporting this wonderful cause!

Cangothon 2021 is fundraising this year for Cango Wildlife Ranch! The pandemic has hit them hard and they need help to make sure they can keep caring for their furry family!

A group of amazing streamers, content creators, and volunteers have come together from all around the world to raise funds and make a difference in the lives of these animals! Please join them during the event and support our furry friends!

Come along and join them for streams of all types of games and daily video releases from people who show a real passion in what they play and the support they give!

Please donate if you can! Every little helps!

For more information and to see how you can get involved, head over to https://www.paulsley.com/cangothon for all the latest! You can also search Social Media for the hashtags #cangothon2021 and #fundsforfeeds

Ant Howe

Ant Howe

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